What are integrated marketing campaigns?

With the saturation of brands, businesses must incorporate more than just one-off marketing tactics to make an impact. Consumers must receive an all-encompassing experience to see your brand as an authority in your industry. This can be done through integrated marketing communications (IMC).

Although IMC can include traditional advertising, in this article, we will review what integrated marketing is in the digital realm. We will then look at why an integrated digital marketing campaign is important and how to design one, so you can build a powerful online presence.

What is integrated marketing communications?

An integrated marketing campaign is a practice of cross-channel marketing strategies with synergistic tactics consistent with your brand and meeting the campaign objectives. This means making all your call-to-actions (CTAs) consistent throughout the campaign. It uses different forms of media, or channels, to convey an idea or tell a story.

A powerful IMC should include an eye-catching logo, a slogan, and consistent visual aesthetics. It is crucial that all visuals, messaging and brand personality, and the brand voice are consistent throughout all channels in the campaign. Not only does this build brand reputation, authority, and credibility, but trust from the consumers too.

However, although awareness is the desired outcome for IMC, it is not the only objective. An effective integrated marketing campaign would also involve the audience on social media. Integrated marketing allows you to engage with your audience in a way